Social Media Fast

We all get to points, especially in that 20 something’s transition period, where we find social media is doing no good. Just harm.

I’ve decided to get away from it all – well mostly. I have deactivated my Facebook (thankfully there isn’t a limit of days before they delete it completely) and the Twitter account I created where I don’t follow anybody I know- it’s my secret account for when I need to word vomit. There is something extremely freeing about not second guessing your posts because people you know can view them.

There are two sites I feel are not unhealthy for me. Instagram and Tumblr. I feel I can laugh and express myself freely on these sites. They are therapeutic so I have decided to keep them – for now. 

I have been on the edge with snapchat because there have been many times it has made me feel bad about myself. But remember – you can’t compare your behind the scenes to others highlight reels. So I will delete this off of my phone if it becomes a problem, otherwise I will practice checking my snapchat once a day. Middle of the day would be a good time.

With my senior year coming up I need to focus. This year will be jam packed and getting rid of distractions can only help my worries. 

I want to gradually get rid of a lot of things. 

Netflix (I will probably cry when this happens) but I would like to delete my account because I end up watching shows and getting invested in things just because I have nothing else to do. I want to get so bored that (because Netflix won’t be there to satisfy my attention) I will have more time to be productive or adventure in my last year of undergraduate. Also the amount of TV I watch. This goes hand in hand with Netflix. Less filling up my time with things I’m not passionate about and more focusing on what’s important. I won’t get rid of it completely, I’ll probably pick a couple of shows that I’ll watch that are currently running and keep up on those. Me and my roommates are planning to watch a couple of shows – scandal, how to get away with murder, empire – together the day after it airs as a big group. I’ll probably watch like two other shows on my own -bachelor and PLL?

  1. I will use this site to express myself so I can write about my experiences in my last year in undergrad. Some long posts like this, or some super short ones. 
  2. I will start some type of weekly exercise – not lifting weights because you have to find what works for you an exercising can be fun. Probably find a tennis partner while weather is good and find a partner to go to a free workout class every week on campus. Also try to go on a bike ride on the weekends while weather is good. 
  3. I want to start handwritten journaling – mostly my daily devotionals. Some can be “other” but  I will mostly use those for that. 
  4. Obviously focusing on school. 18 credits means nooooooo slacking. I need to spend a couple hours in the library or coffee shop a day!!!!
  5. I need to spend time putting in weeerk for my internship.
  6. Going on adventures and just enjoying life, laughing more and “loving my neighbor” more. 
  7. I also want to try and write a couple blog posts for online issues like thoughts catalog, relevant or converge
  8. And last but not least, live more in the present and less in my head.

All things are possibly through Christ. So I pray for this school year. May I be able to handle it AND enjoy it, and spread my joyfull attitude (through the struggles) that can spread to those around me. May j be proud of how I handle the school year and may I not get discouraged. 

Amen and Gah Bless! 


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