Solo Saturday: movie date

I wanted to go to a movie by myself for the longest time and when I realized how afraid I was of doing it, it was more apparent that I needed to do it. So I finally did!  

I went to see Pixels at my local theater. I picked that movie because I thought it’s where I would see the least amount of people I knew from campus. I really enjoyed myself. Adam Sandler movies have been going downhill and its not going to be nominated for many awards but I enjoyed it and so did the other people who attended. I had a couple of good laughs and felt extremely comfortable midway through the movie. 

    This prompted me to start Solo Saturday. It won’t be every Saturday but I want to continue on this trend of doing things by myself that are kind of scary and challenging. 
I will continue to post about them with hopefully better photos. 

As stolen from the web, here’s some recommended activities to do by yourself

-go out to eat -travel -stay at a hotel/hostel -go to a live show -go to the beach -visit a museum -get a drink/cocktail -spa day/massage -drive to a new part of the city and explore -photoshoot -hike -meet up with a meetup group -attend a church/event 


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