Big Brother 17 Houseguest Analysis 

This season started off very disappointing but to my surprise has made a turn in the righty direction. The house guests this season basically all iratate me for many different reasons but they also all crack me up.


She’s really gotta step her game up. Being sweet is useless, luckily for her being genuinely good is a rare commodity this season so I can’t help but love her. Also, her facial expressions crack me up (I.e. When Clay mumbles and she’s just an good sport and doesn’t mention it lol). Overall cool girl, would be nice if she could pull off an unexpected to contribute to the underdogs. 


James will always be a winner in my book for not being afraid of making a big movie to get the top dogs out. May his risks reap good results and get the six sense ouuuuta here. He has a good social game and kills me when people tried to plead with him and he threw so much shade their way (I.e. Shelli telling him that Austin is no good and James replies “there’s a lot of savages in this house” 😂😂👌🏾). I hope he continues to play this game hard but he will probably be a target for the rest of the game. 


This guy is way more dynamic than I imagined the first week of BB17. As everyone who watches is aware, his DR sessions are so extra but I love his commentary minus the unnecessary yelling. From my knowledge he’s just kinda following beckys lead but I think he’s a strong competitor as far as winning when he needs to and telling people what they want to hear and not posing as a threat in anyway.


  I don’t really see much of her so I don’t have an opinion. I was uneasy about social media going in on her for looking like a rat but then I figured out its cause she’s been buddy buddy with Jackie but going back to tell shelli and clay everything. My only question is…Why are you protecting people who are not protecting you? You’re not even in their group?? Anyways, I like her though and she’s a strong competitor so I can see her going far if she would pick her loyalties. 

IShelli and Clay  

 Had to do these two together. Honestly I liked Clay in the beginning and I thought his downfall was just his pairing with Shelli but after seeing how he held himself in conversations about black people, he can take all the losses. It’s really funny cause he thinks he’s one of those really well liked by America players but I can’t wait for him to see the reaction he gets. These two walked around so entitled and disregarded everyone and the minute someone else got power they’re acting like the universe is going against them. What did you think was going to happen? You thought people wouldn’t be able to see through your fake nice?? Bye (hopefully shelli). But in all honesty I hope they see all the hate they got on social media and try to learn from it instead of get bitter. Great learning experience for them.


 REAL MVP!! Obviously this is who I’m rooting for. Partly cause I love a good underdog story, partly cause she sees through all of the sixth sense and speaks on everything (constantly has me saying “yaaaaaas Jackie”) and partly cause she shares in the most innocent way. She really came up if she can just go on to win some comps and make some big moves I think this could turn out really good for her. I hope she gets far and flips the house to make he moves no one else would.

Not pictured: Steve, Liz& Julia, Austin, and Vanessa. Steve has shown me nothing to have an opinion of him, I’m mostly just interested in what his beef is with Becky for him to leave that nasty DR message for her when she was on the block. Liz irrates me mostly because Austin irritates my souls and she won’t drop him. Julia is a little more hopeful, I think I would love her if she would get Austin out. My dislike for Austin is really just because of who he is not is game playing. It’s kinda sad watching him think his thing with Liz is being portrayed as a showmance when he really is being portrayed as creepy. I want Vanessa out cause she is hypocritical and a cry baby when she isn’t in power (even when she is in power) but I respect her cause she’s basically smart. I just wish she would stop being so emotional. 
Who I want to win: James, Jackie, or John

Who I think will win: James, Becky, or Julia (solely based in feelings) 


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