Love, fill up all of my space

This world can have you really misguided, sad, scared, not feeling like yourself, uncomfortable and a multitude of other dark feelings. Everywhere I look, especially these days, I see a sad new story or see some hurtful stuff on social media or -the worst- feeling so good walking that I smile to a stranger and they don’t smile back -lol not really but, really.

With my inability to turn away from a story speaking of the injustice I looked at the different stimuli I take in everyday. As you can imagine, not so good. So I have decided to spend 30 days revamping.

Last night I watched the newest Cinderella movie and it really brought back those feelings of ease, calm, joy. I was wondering why I don’t watch movies that are just cute and make me feel good, instead of my typical psychological thriller. So as a result, I will be doing one of those 100 days of happiness but for 30 days- being realistic with myself. I will (hopefully) write about the happy things I did, all while blocking out negative things as best as I can. So what can I do?

because I love lists here’s to brainstorming-

  1. tip generously
  2. start journaling
  3. buy/support an album on Itunes that promotes something-anything good
  4. get rid of three things you don’t want/need
  5. write down what you’re grateful for
  6. spend a day at the local library
  7. bike down a new path, stop when you found a cool looking spot
  8. send someone(s) a card, just cause
  9. facetime/call an old friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  10. buy someone lunch
  11. room decorating
  12. drink more water! -try no soda
  13. listen to more uplifting music-no degrading, depressing music
  14. buy a hammock and put it to use!
  15. read book(s)!
  16. find and read some blogs that are funny, informative, though-provoking, etc
  17. buy yourself flowers
  18. record a first podcast? doesn’t have to go anywhere
  19. write 5 positive reviews for a book, restaurant, product, service, etc
  20. plan a family dinner
  21. spend time with kids or a baby
  22. join/find an online bible study or group
  23. quiet time
  24. treat yo’self
  25. write a poem or story or work on book idea
  26. delete people of social media who give you bad vibes
  27. go through a magazine cover to cover
  28. talk to parents about back home and learn about their childhoods and pasts
  29. be more productive than busy
  30. watch more cartoons or just happy stories that are very family friends but still deep
  31. enjoy

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