Book Idea:

A story about love, during the fight for independence in Eritrea from Ethiopia. Go throughout their life. Maybe one gets out and goes to America while the other stays to fight. Then she comes back to Eritrea to rediscover the place she once called home, the only place she ever really knew. Though-provoking, heart wrenching, couldn’t put it down, protective over this story.


1. A girl who is part protagonist, who is the childhood love of another boy but is sent to America to live with a family member because of the extremity of the war of independence from Ethiopia. Her life growing up, being apart of the Eritrean american family. Going to school, being apart of the diaspora, growing further from her roots, losing contact – not completely with her family in Eritrea, plans to go to college, but after her mom gets sicker, shes told she really should go back now before its too late. Goes back to the motherland and option 1- her mom died before she gets there or option 2- her mom is very sick, bed ridden and she builds a strong connection trying to talk with her with her very broken tygrina. Then she gets really close to her father. Only sibling. Many cousins in America. She puts off seeing him for a long time but she sees him when he comes to her house to drop some stuff off for her mom and check on her. Then her mom prompts that they both go somewhere for her, sets them up on a fake lind date i.e. tells them to pick something up but when they get there, theres nothing there so the two just talk. Maybe so something that they once did when they were young that brings back a lot of feelings for her.

2. The boy protagonist which is the girls childhood love. He stays in Eritrea because he didn’t have the resources to move and he wanted to serve his country. He is strong, stable, gentle, funny. His time growing up without much but still knowingly blessed, strong christian, who didn’t get a typical education but went out of his way to read books and keep up on news. (keep up on news of america so he could one day talk to her about it, if he ever got to see her again). After the war, some job he is doing and how he lives in Eritrea. Many siblings. Middle child. Hard worker. He still was in contact with her family and visited her mom often.

Don’t focus too much on the war, let that just serve as the reason for the split of friends. Have each chapter alternate between the characters. -maybe include other characters as chapters?


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