The Strength of Sandra Bland

I do not believe Sandra Blands life is over on her own accord. Not because she didn’t look sad, or she didn’t seem suicidal- I mean she was smiling in her photos. The fact is, depression looks differently for everyone. But Sandra Bland, especially after viewing the dash cam video of her arrest, seemed like a person who wanted to live. Who wanted justice, and would stand at nothing to get it. She appeared to be a person who knew her rights and would use her voice to ensure everyone else would realize this fact.


If I’m being honest, I was cheering Sandra Bland on. For every remark, with every use of factual knowledge of her rights, with every snarky statement. Even in the beginning, I loved the way she chuckled when the officer told her of the petty reason for pulling her over. I loved that she ¬†wouldn’t kiss the officers ass and most of all I loved that she didn’t make herself subhuman, something I don’t think I would have had the strength to do.

I pray black females can use Sandra Bland as a symbol of strength. Know your rights, do not drift into hopelessness, keep faith, and always fight for your rights. You never know who is watching.

Say her name.


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