“Love is forgiving, accepting, moving on, embracing, and all encompassing. And if you’re not doing that for yourself, you cannot do that with anyone else.”Steve Maraboli

Self love is a concept gaining more and more attention these days. My increased attention paid to self love can be attributed a lot to the physical and Internet circles I run in, like tumblr for example. Tumblr is where I found the above quotation actually, and it got me thinking about what it actually means to “self love” oneself. 

Self love has been described as relaxing baths with candles and bubbles and soft music or curling into bed with with a good book and some fruit. It has also been seen has living for yourself by your own standards. Just loving who you are. 

I read this quote and it made me think about how I personally practice self love and I realized I was missing a big part of it. I took care of myself physically and am continually working on taking care of myself spiritually but emotionally I was missing strength.

Self love is more than the face masks and smoothies and nail painting. It’s making sure you forgive yourself for not being where you want to be in life and continuing to believe in yourself. It’s forgiving yourself for not being able to show love to people the way you’d wish. It’s forgiving yourself for messing up and being weak sometimes, but believing in yourself to always get better. It’s accepting everything you are and want to be, whether or not people understand that. It’s moving past your past and living in the present for your future. And most of all its living a life loving yourself FOR YOURSELF. No one else will make the influence you need to love you. Be your organic self and travel down the narrow path.
Believe in everything you are and can be 
Practices! – just a few

  • Only keep the best company who you feel you can be yourself with
  • Clean the area you spend the most time in
  • Dress good feel good
  • Also, eat good live good
  • Download a mantra app and read positive mantras whenever you need
  • Focus on your responsibilities!! It’ll keep some stability and make you feel your doing what you should
  • Buy yourself cute flowers
  • Find a fun workout, let it not be about changing your body but about getting physical activity in your day
  • Organize something that all your friends can come together with
  • Video tape yourself just talking to the camera about what’s on your mind 

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