Social Media Fast

We all get to points, especially in that 20 something’s transition period, where we find social media is doing no good. Just harm.

I’ve decided to get away from it all – well mostly. I have deactivated my Facebook (thankfully there isn’t a limit of days before they delete it completely) and the Twitter account I created where I don’t follow anybody I know- it’s my secret account for when I need to word vomit. There is something extremely freeing about not second guessing your posts because people you know can view them.

There are two sites I feel are not unhealthy for me. Instagram and Tumblr. I feel I can laugh and express myself freely on these sites. They are therapeutic so I have decided to keep them – for now. 

I have been on the edge with snapchat because there have been many times it has made me feel bad about myself. But remember – you can’t compare your behind the scenes to others highlight reels. So I will delete this off of my phone if it becomes a problem, otherwise I will practice checking my snapchat once a day. Middle of the day would be a good time.

With my senior year coming up I need to focus. This year will be jam packed and getting rid of distractions can only help my worries. 

I want to gradually get rid of a lot of things. 

Netflix (I will probably cry when this happens) but I would like to delete my account because I end up watching shows and getting invested in things just because I have nothing else to do. I want to get so bored that (because Netflix won’t be there to satisfy my attention) I will have more time to be productive or adventure in my last year of undergraduate. Also the amount of TV I watch. This goes hand in hand with Netflix. Less filling up my time with things I’m not passionate about and more focusing on what’s important. I won’t get rid of it completely, I’ll probably pick a couple of shows that I’ll watch that are currently running and keep up on those. Me and my roommates are planning to watch a couple of shows – scandal, how to get away with murder, empire – together the day after it airs as a big group. I’ll probably watch like two other shows on my own -bachelor and PLL?

  1. I will use this site to express myself so I can write about my experiences in my last year in undergrad. Some long posts like this, or some super short ones. 
  2. I will start some type of weekly exercise – not lifting weights because you have to find what works for you an exercising can be fun. Probably find a tennis partner while weather is good and find a partner to go to a free workout class every week on campus. Also try to go on a bike ride on the weekends while weather is good. 
  3. I want to start handwritten journaling – mostly my daily devotionals. Some can be “other” but  I will mostly use those for that. 
  4. Obviously focusing on school. 18 credits means nooooooo slacking. I need to spend a couple hours in the library or coffee shop a day!!!!
  5. I need to spend time putting in weeerk for my internship.
  6. Going on adventures and just enjoying life, laughing more and “loving my neighbor” more. 
  7. I also want to try and write a couple blog posts for online issues like thoughts catalog, relevant or converge
  8. And last but not least, live more in the present and less in my head.

All things are possibly through Christ. So I pray for this school year. May I be able to handle it AND enjoy it, and spread my joyfull attitude (through the struggles) that can spread to those around me. May j be proud of how I handle the school year and may I not get discouraged. 

Amen and Gah Bless! 


Solo Saturday: movie date

I wanted to go to a movie by myself for the longest time and when I realized how afraid I was of doing it, it was more apparent that I needed to do it. So I finally did!  

I went to see Pixels at my local theater. I picked that movie because I thought it’s where I would see the least amount of people I knew from campus. I really enjoyed myself. Adam Sandler movies have been going downhill and its not going to be nominated for many awards but I enjoyed it and so did the other people who attended. I had a couple of good laughs and felt extremely comfortable midway through the movie. 

    This prompted me to start Solo Saturday. It won’t be every Saturday but I want to continue on this trend of doing things by myself that are kind of scary and challenging. 
I will continue to post about them with hopefully better photos. 

As stolen from the web, here’s some recommended activities to do by yourself

-go out to eat -travel -stay at a hotel/hostel -go to a live show -go to the beach -visit a museum -get a drink/cocktail -spa day/massage -drive to a new part of the city and explore -photoshoot -hike -meet up with a meetup group -attend a church/event 

Big Brother 17 Houseguest Analysis 

This season started off very disappointing but to my surprise has made a turn in the righty direction. The house guests this season basically all iratate me for many different reasons but they also all crack me up.


She’s really gotta step her game up. Being sweet is useless, luckily for her being genuinely good is a rare commodity this season so I can’t help but love her. Also, her facial expressions crack me up (I.e. When Clay mumbles and she’s just an good sport and doesn’t mention it lol). Overall cool girl, would be nice if she could pull off an unexpected to contribute to the underdogs. 


James will always be a winner in my book for not being afraid of making a big movie to get the top dogs out. May his risks reap good results and get the six sense ouuuuta here. He has a good social game and kills me when people tried to plead with him and he threw so much shade their way (I.e. Shelli telling him that Austin is no good and James replies “there’s a lot of savages in this house” 😂😂👌🏾). I hope he continues to play this game hard but he will probably be a target for the rest of the game. 


This guy is way more dynamic than I imagined the first week of BB17. As everyone who watches is aware, his DR sessions are so extra but I love his commentary minus the unnecessary yelling. From my knowledge he’s just kinda following beckys lead but I think he’s a strong competitor as far as winning when he needs to and telling people what they want to hear and not posing as a threat in anyway.


  I don’t really see much of her so I don’t have an opinion. I was uneasy about social media going in on her for looking like a rat but then I figured out its cause she’s been buddy buddy with Jackie but going back to tell shelli and clay everything. My only question is…Why are you protecting people who are not protecting you? You’re not even in their group?? Anyways, I like her though and she’s a strong competitor so I can see her going far if she would pick her loyalties. 

IShelli and Clay  

 Had to do these two together. Honestly I liked Clay in the beginning and I thought his downfall was just his pairing with Shelli but after seeing how he held himself in conversations about black people, he can take all the losses. It’s really funny cause he thinks he’s one of those really well liked by America players but I can’t wait for him to see the reaction he gets. These two walked around so entitled and disregarded everyone and the minute someone else got power they’re acting like the universe is going against them. What did you think was going to happen? You thought people wouldn’t be able to see through your fake nice?? Bye (hopefully shelli). But in all honesty I hope they see all the hate they got on social media and try to learn from it instead of get bitter. Great learning experience for them.


 REAL MVP!! Obviously this is who I’m rooting for. Partly cause I love a good underdog story, partly cause she sees through all of the sixth sense and speaks on everything (constantly has me saying “yaaaaaas Jackie”) and partly cause she shares in the most innocent way. She really came up if she can just go on to win some comps and make some big moves I think this could turn out really good for her. I hope she gets far and flips the house to make he moves no one else would.

Not pictured: Steve, Liz& Julia, Austin, and Vanessa. Steve has shown me nothing to have an opinion of him, I’m mostly just interested in what his beef is with Becky for him to leave that nasty DR message for her when she was on the block. Liz irrates me mostly because Austin irritates my souls and she won’t drop him. Julia is a little more hopeful, I think I would love her if she would get Austin out. My dislike for Austin is really just because of who he is not is game playing. It’s kinda sad watching him think his thing with Liz is being portrayed as a showmance when he really is being portrayed as creepy. I want Vanessa out cause she is hypocritical and a cry baby when she isn’t in power (even when she is in power) but I respect her cause she’s basically smart. I just wish she would stop being so emotional. 
Who I want to win: James, Jackie, or John

Who I think will win: James, Becky, or Julia (solely based in feelings) 

Love, fill up all of my space

This world can have you really misguided, sad, scared, not feeling like yourself, uncomfortable and a multitude of other dark feelings. Everywhere I look, especially these days, I see a sad new story or see some hurtful stuff on social media or -the worst- feeling so good walking that I smile to a stranger and they don’t smile back -lol not really but, really.

With my inability to turn away from a story speaking of the injustice I looked at the different stimuli I take in everyday. As you can imagine, not so good. So I have decided to spend 30 days revamping.

Last night I watched the newest Cinderella movie and it really brought back those feelings of ease, calm, joy. I was wondering why I don’t watch movies that are just cute and make me feel good, instead of my typical psychological thriller. So as a result, I will be doing one of those 100 days of happiness but for 30 days- being realistic with myself. I will (hopefully) write about the happy things I did, all while blocking out negative things as best as I can. So what can I do?

because I love lists here’s to brainstorming-

  1. tip generously
  2. start journaling
  3. buy/support an album on Itunes that promotes something-anything good
  4. get rid of three things you don’t want/need
  5. write down what you’re grateful for
  6. spend a day at the local library
  7. bike down a new path, stop when you found a cool looking spot
  8. send someone(s) a card, just cause
  9. facetime/call an old friend or someone you haven’t talked to in a long time
  10. buy someone lunch
  11. room decorating
  12. drink more water! -try no soda
  13. listen to more uplifting music-no degrading, depressing music
  14. buy a hammock and put it to use!
  15. read book(s)!
  16. find and read some blogs that are funny, informative, though-provoking, etc
  17. buy yourself flowers
  18. record a first podcast? doesn’t have to go anywhere
  19. write 5 positive reviews for a book, restaurant, product, service, etc
  20. plan a family dinner
  21. spend time with kids or a baby
  22. join/find an online bible study or group
  23. quiet time
  24. treat yo’self
  25. write a poem or story or work on book idea
  26. delete people of social media who give you bad vibes
  27. go through a magazine cover to cover
  28. talk to parents about back home and learn about their childhoods and pasts
  29. be more productive than busy
  30. watch more cartoons or just happy stories that are very family friends but still deep
  31. enjoy

Book Idea:

A story about love, during the fight for independence in Eritrea from Ethiopia. Go throughout their life. Maybe one gets out and goes to America while the other stays to fight. Then she comes back to Eritrea to rediscover the place she once called home, the only place she ever really knew. Though-provoking, heart wrenching, couldn’t put it down, protective over this story.


1. A girl who is part protagonist, who is the childhood love of another boy but is sent to America to live with a family member because of the extremity of the war of independence from Ethiopia. Her life growing up, being apart of the Eritrean american family. Going to school, being apart of the diaspora, growing further from her roots, losing contact – not completely with her family in Eritrea, plans to go to college, but after her mom gets sicker, shes told she really should go back now before its too late. Goes back to the motherland and option 1- her mom died before she gets there or option 2- her mom is very sick, bed ridden and she builds a strong connection trying to talk with her with her very broken tygrina. Then she gets really close to her father. Only sibling. Many cousins in America. She puts off seeing him for a long time but she sees him when he comes to her house to drop some stuff off for her mom and check on her. Then her mom prompts that they both go somewhere for her, sets them up on a fake lind date i.e. tells them to pick something up but when they get there, theres nothing there so the two just talk. Maybe so something that they once did when they were young that brings back a lot of feelings for her.

2. The boy protagonist which is the girls childhood love. He stays in Eritrea because he didn’t have the resources to move and he wanted to serve his country. He is strong, stable, gentle, funny. His time growing up without much but still knowingly blessed, strong christian, who didn’t get a typical education but went out of his way to read books and keep up on news. (keep up on news of america so he could one day talk to her about it, if he ever got to see her again). After the war, some job he is doing and how he lives in Eritrea. Many siblings. Middle child. Hard worker. He still was in contact with her family and visited her mom often.

Don’t focus too much on the war, let that just serve as the reason for the split of friends. Have each chapter alternate between the characters. -maybe include other characters as chapters?

The Strength of Sandra Bland

I do not believe Sandra Blands life is over on her own accord. Not because she didn’t look sad, or she didn’t seem suicidal- I mean she was smiling in her photos. The fact is, depression looks differently for everyone. But Sandra Bland, especially after viewing the dash cam video of her arrest, seemed like a person who wanted to live. Who wanted justice, and would stand at nothing to get it. She appeared to be a person who knew her rights and would use her voice to ensure everyone else would realize this fact.


If I’m being honest, I was cheering Sandra Bland on. For every remark, with every use of factual knowledge of her rights, with every snarky statement. Even in the beginning, I loved the way she chuckled when the officer told her of the petty reason for pulling her over. I loved that she  wouldn’t kiss the officers ass and most of all I loved that she didn’t make herself subhuman, something I don’t think I would have had the strength to do.

I pray black females can use Sandra Bland as a symbol of strength. Know your rights, do not drift into hopelessness, keep faith, and always fight for your rights. You never know who is watching.

Say her name.

“Love is forgiving, accepting, moving on, embracing, and all encompassing. And if you’re not doing that for yourself, you cannot do that with anyone else.”Steve Maraboli

Self love is a concept gaining more and more attention these days. My increased attention paid to self love can be attributed a lot to the physical and Internet circles I run in, like tumblr for example. Tumblr is where I found the above quotation actually, and it got me thinking about what it actually means to “self love” oneself. 

Self love has been described as relaxing baths with candles and bubbles and soft music or curling into bed with with a good book and some fruit. It has also been seen has living for yourself by your own standards. Just loving who you are. 

I read this quote and it made me think about how I personally practice self love and I realized I was missing a big part of it. I took care of myself physically and am continually working on taking care of myself spiritually but emotionally I was missing strength.

Self love is more than the face masks and smoothies and nail painting. It’s making sure you forgive yourself for not being where you want to be in life and continuing to believe in yourself. It’s forgiving yourself for not being able to show love to people the way you’d wish. It’s forgiving yourself for messing up and being weak sometimes, but believing in yourself to always get better. It’s accepting everything you are and want to be, whether or not people understand that. It’s moving past your past and living in the present for your future. And most of all its living a life loving yourself FOR YOURSELF. No one else will make the influence you need to love you. Be your organic self and travel down the narrow path.
Believe in everything you are and can be 
Practices! – just a few

  • Only keep the best company who you feel you can be yourself with
  • Clean the area you spend the most time in
  • Dress good feel good
  • Also, eat good live good
  • Download a mantra app and read positive mantras whenever you need
  • Focus on your responsibilities!! It’ll keep some stability and make you feel your doing what you should
  • Buy yourself cute flowers
  • Find a fun workout, let it not be about changing your body but about getting physical activity in your day
  • Organize something that all your friends can come together with
  • Video tape yourself just talking to the camera about what’s on your mind